Saturday, November 14, 2015

For Paris

Today, may we let ordinary things show us
How to make room for heartache and hope
Baking bread
Letting soup simmer all day
Paying attention to the taste of hot sweet tea
Letting the scent of cinnamon slow us down

Let’s make love to this day
In the way we linger and listen to each other
Finding a way to be still for three breaths
Letting our hands come to rest on the table
Sitting in the centre of Debussy’s “Claire de Lune”
Softening to the sadness

There is a way to be with anger and fear and grief
A way to hold them with so much tenderness
That terror cannot take root
Let us make a light of that tenderness
Leaning into each other, feeding each other
Creating together a heart that can hold it all

~Oriah House © November 13, 2015

Debussy’s Claire de Lune: 


  1. Yes, so tender Debussy's "Claire de Lune". I've always loved this piece. It helps me feel compassion especially for those in Paris. So fitting to connect our hearts and send our love to them. Thank you for sharing, Oriah.

    1. Pat, I woke up hearing the tune this morning and, of course, thinking of Paris.

    2. If you woke up hearing this tune in your sleep, the Divine must have been very close as this music, to me, comes the closest to heaven.

      And yet, in light of the tragic events that happened recently in Paris, it's exactly what we need to hear to soothe our hurting hearts.

      Thank you Oriah. I shared your poem and this link on my Facebook.