Friday, July 27, 2018

By the Light of the Moon

Full moon tonight and a lunar eclipse when the earth, sun, and moon line up with the earth between the other two. Lots of symbolic ways to think of this- for me, I see it as the moon reflecting a moment of complete alignment between the sun (often associated with masculine energies) and the earth (associated with the feminine)- a glimpse of the sacred marriage we long for within and between us. In my imagination the moon tonight mirrors our soul longing to find and know ourselves to be Beloved.

I am so grateful for all of your prayers and good wishes for me- it has been a tough month health-wise, but the migraine is lifting and my heart feels light.

May our deepest longing find us tonight- and may we have the courage to let it guide us in our lives and in co-creating the world. ~Oriah

Karen Davis' photos at Open Door Dreaming remind me again and again of the beauty created by the alchemy of sun and earth.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Just For Today

Thanks to a Facebook friend for reminding me of my own words from a year ago. Health challenges keep me focused on the present moment. Writing comes in small pieces, like the ones mentioned here. Old friends come to visit. I am so grateful for the day. These words are just for today. Just for this moment, this slow inhale. . . this soft exhale They are bits of green sunlight filtered through leaves Small shadows moving across the grass They are not for posterity They do not promise prosperity They do not pretend to be other than what they are: The way I get through The way I taste joy, bear sorrow, and feed hope The way I remember that each moment is holy These words are just for today ~Oriah "Mountain Dreamer" House (c) 2017 Deep thanks to Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming for this photo. Somehow this little guy and his shadow just felt in sync with my words.