Friday, November 13, 2015

Finding The Beloved

It’s not about doing anything
Not about earning or accomplishing
Not about trying harder or moving faster
It’s simply a whole-hearted willingness
To walk to the end of the dock
And let the rising sun
Fill me and ignite
The old forgotten hunger
And every time
Every. Single. Time.
When I let the longing guide me
When I turn my face just a little
The Beloved is there
~Oriah House (c) 2015
The spectacular photo (which inspired this writing) is from Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming. Thank you Karen heart emoticon. For me, "walking to the end of the dock" is about clearing the inner chatter for a moment, breathing in a spaciousness and returning to my willingness and my hunger to meet the Beloved in this moment.


  1. Oriah, a rather late comment on this beautiful poem. I came to your blog this afternoon looking for inspiration and counsel as I wrestle with an old issue - the deeply entrenched feeling of not being enough just as I am, and the drivenness and restlessness that that provokes. It strikes me now that, for me,the deepest desire is in play here - the desire to know and be known by the Divine. If I'm not open to that knowing, a sense of lack and incompleteness is inevitable, and I need to spend more time "at the end of the dock" if I'm to accept myself as I am, with love and compassion. Thank you.

    1. Anne, May we all go "to the end of the dock" at dawn more often, so we may be seen, embraced as we are and filled with what we need. :-)