Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How We See - Or Not

How we frame things, changes what we see. If we frame something as a "disaster" (an illness, an election, lunch with a friend that went badly) we see something that we do not see if we frame it as an "opportunity" or a "challenge" or even a "mystery" that baffles. But some things are more pliable than others, and it's not easy to see when our framing is creating denial of what is. (Although we are often sure we can see this in others- ha!) And, for those who claim or aim to have no framework, I say good luck- the human psyche, in an effort to make sense of ourselves, our lives and our world is always framing things- naming them, colouring them with emotion and beliefs, creating a narrative. Even the idea that we can see without framing is, of course, a filter that changes what is seen. The problem arises when we think our framework is The Truth, when we go unconscious and don't even consider a situation from another's way of seeing, when we claim that we are seeing "objectively" without a particular approach shaped by our history and our current needs and fears. I have long been aware that those who see things very differently than I do give me the gift of becoming conscious of my own frameworks. Because it's only when we are conscious of what our framework might be blocking or dismissing that we can make a choice about expanding what we can see. ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer Many thanks to Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming for this spectacular photo that prompted this mulling for me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Morning After

Let's pause. I know, I know this culture's way of dealing with disappointment is often to start regrouping, reorganizing, getting out there and taking action. That's okay but. . maybe we could just take a moment, a day, to sit down, to take a slow walk or a long run, to feel our feet upon the earth, to be with whatever is arising within.
When we try to outrun uncomfortable feelings- grief, loss, fear, anger- they disappear into our unconscious and from there, wreck havoc, shape choices and sometimes cause outbursts that leave us mystified.
So, today, I am going to pause and see what arises, and- to the best of my ability (and yes, some moments are better than others) just be with what comes. Fresh grief can stir heartache for old losses that have not been mourned. Fresh anger can take us to old hurts that need tending. Being with whatever arises reminds us that nothing is static, everything is in constant motion, and nothing- no matter how uncomfortable- can really be outrun.
We can pause. We won't get stuck here. We are not alone here. <3 span=""> Oriah
With gratitude for another spectacular photo from Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Waking Up Again and Again

Love it when my own words come back to haunt and help me. So hard to know when we have gone unconscious, fallen asleep to what and who we are because. . . we're unconscious! and asleep! And THAT would be the life of a human being- going to sleep, waking up, being aware, sinking into unawareness, and becoming aware again.
      The tricky thing is that walking asleep can sometimes feel desirable when things within or around us are hard. But, as this little piece from "The Call"reminds me- there's no safety in walking asleep. We might just walk right into a wall.
      The good news is that when we have woken up to something, we never go back to sleep quite as completely. Even in our unconsciousness we often have a niggling feeling that we are a little "off," and that can be enough to make us sit down and breathe, and use whatever way we know to wake up.
      For me writing often takes me home to remembering what I am. If I just keep letting my fingers move on the keyboard, sooner or later the words I need to hear to go home to the truth of what we are will appear. ~Oriah
And another fantastic pic by Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming. Thank you Karen!