Saturday, August 29, 2015

Moonlit Kindness

Full moon today. Where do I need to focus the reflected light of this silver sister in the night sky? I meditate. . . .find an inner quiet. . . . and what arises is , “On kindness.” I balk: too mushy and non-specific; too obvious and simplistic. But is it? Am I able to discern kindness, beyond platitudes and assumptions? With others it feels more obvious (although may not be,) but what about kindness to the self?
It occurs to me that genuine kindness is never a means to an end- not done to gain favour or even to create harmony. What would it look like to be kind (to ourselves and others) without hoping for any influence, without attachment to outcomes, even much-needed and valuable outcomes like healing and peace?
Oh these may arise in part because of kindness, but what if genuine kindness is without motive? What if we allow ourselves to choose kindness (to self and others) simple because we are following the heart’s impulse to be kind? What if kindness is the direction in which our hearts want to run, just for the joy of it?
For reasons I do not fully understand, this thought makes my throat tighten around unshed tears both happy and sad for kindnesses offered and withheld.
I feel a hardness within myself toward myself begin to soften.
Kindness can do that. ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer
(Rumi poster from Slim Chandra-Shekar on Facebook- thank you Slim.)