Monday, September 23, 2019

Holding The Darkness and The Light

It's the Equinox- equal moments of light and darkness today. Harvest time in the northern hemisphere- planting time in the south. I trust the light that does not deny the darkness, and I can rest deeply in the sheltering darkness when I kowing the promise of the returning light.

A short while ago I connected with a woman who knew my mother's family years ago She is kind and committed to focusing on the positive- a light for many in the darkness. Then she shared with me that she'd lost a son years ago, and suddenly- for me- her light held depth and strength as well as brightness.

So let's hold them both today- the dark and the light, the being lost and being found, the pain and the joy. Let's allow the darkness to give depth to the light and feel our way together through the dreaming that guides us when we are no longer afraid of the dark. Blessed Equinox dear friend. ~Oriah

Spectacular photo is by my dear friend Peter Marmorek


  1. My mother died yesterday. She was 94 and died sleeping in my arms. I know this was a blessing. But the darkness of fear of not knowing how to carry on without her is taking me over. I'm scared so much.

    1. Oh Adie, I am so sorry. Your task now is to take very good care of yourself, to be gentle with your grief and fear, to tenderly hold the darkness and receive support from others I ama hoping are in your life. Keep breathing. Holding you in my heart prayers. Oriah