Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tax Time Musings

I recently visited a friend who had a biking accident at the rehab centre where she is recovering from a fractured femur and shattered elbow (yeah- ouch!) in downtown Toronto. The facility was spectacular- bright, spacious and beautiful, with skilled staff focused on getting folks back to their everyday lives, large rooms,and a patient kitchen for refigerating or warming food brought from home. On my way out I was thinking about how much such a place must cost to build and run, and how proud I am that our tax dollars are being used to provide such great care to everyone (all covered under our healthcare.)

And that- along with recently doing my taxes- got me thinking (as I often do) about all the things we collectively enjoy that are made possible through taxes: great public schools and healthcare, spectacular parks, public transit, roads, emergency services, neighbourhood libraries, community centres. . . .

So, once again, I fill out and pay my taxes with a prayer of gratitude that I am able to contribute and with deep appreciation for the beauty and resources we share. ~Oriah


  1. That's a really nice consideration. South of you our taxes go to unspeakable dark things, the plundering and pillaging of countries all over the world with a big cut into the pockets of unindicted felons and traitors. I envy you.

    1. I have heard from a number of folks in the US who expressed similar concerns. I hear you. And. . . your taxes do also provide things like roads, schools, parks, emergency services etc. Still, I get the reluctance to contribute to what is going on, particularly right now. :(