Thursday, January 1, 2015

Beloved Beginnings

The blessing of a new year is the reminder that we can begin again and again- not just in January, but whenever we need to, with each dawn, each breath. Some days I begin again dozens or hundreds of times. We are human, so we will inevitably at times become distracted and weary. We will wander from the clarity of knowing that is beyond articulation and understanding, the moments of sitting in the centre of what we are and why we are here, the awareness that is rooted in Love.

Often it is the deep longing to reach for the Beloved within and around me that helps me begin again. But sometimes I lose even this, cannot find the end of the thread of that longing that will take me home to the Infinite Love I have tasted in moments of grace. And then I find, to my astonishment, that even this lack, this loss of feeling and faith, when willingly experienced fully, can make me available to the longing that guides me home.

Ah, words are inadequate to convey the gift of beginning again remembering those moments when the whole ball of wax (including myself) was revealed as the sacred unfolding, the Love that sustains it all. But still I try to touch it with my words, gently asking myself- Have I been faithful to what I knew in those moments when the Beloved broke through to me? What would it look like today to be faithful to knowing myself and every other as Beloved? How would I prepare food, speak to a friend or a stranger, walk on the earth, be with myself if I allow this awareness to permeate and guide me?

And I begin, again. ~Oriah (c) 2014

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  1. Hi .. I found your blog through another friend of mine who said our post about the new year was very similar.. and I have to agree... I will have to read more of your blogs ..

    Nice to meet you and see your blog ..


    Finding The Grace Within

  2. Happy New Year to you, Oriah. Today, I'm also a beginner again: I start a seven weeks workshop about a journey with/to/from my heart, bringing more love into my life. (I'm doing this with a book.) I feel connected :-)

    1. Happy New Year to you Nora- great day for new beginnings!

  3. Oriah, thank you for your words of wonder that reconnect me to my center.