Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog Post Suspended until May

I am going to take a couple of weeks off from the weekly blog to care for myself. (Not that writing the blog is not self-care, just that I need to be very still for awhile.) I hope to resume the weekly posts the first week of May. Please come back and check here or on the Oriah Mountain Dreamer facebook site. This is a very difficult time. My marriage is ending and I am losing my home in the country. My heart aches, and there many logistical details to be taken care of at a time when doing much of anything is difficult. I appreciate your prayers for both Jeff and I - that we may be fair and kind with each other, that we may each heal and find new life. Oriah


  1. Much love- you're one of my favorite people.

  2. You are in my thoughts - I am going through the same thing and will be moving out of my home of 10 years in less than 2 weeks time.
    Lean on your friends, tell people what you need (whether that's a shoulder to cry on, peace & quiet, a silent companion on a walk or whatever) and hold onto the knowledge that you are loved and supported by so very many people.

    You will both heal if you allow yourselves to do so, and just as there is sunshine after the rain, there will be laughter again after all the tears and pain.

    With much love xx

  3. May there be healing and wisdom, kindness and love.

  4. Thinking of you Oriah, and sending you light

  5. Oriah

    The January Newsletter has a beautiful winter picture at the end. It says "taken by my wonderful husband, Jeff." I can only imagine the path that lead from that space to this one.

    Thank you for being so open and honest, as this brings forth the same in others. As I am also going through a painful separation (I would like children, and he would not) it has been healing to me to read the 30 comments of the previous blog post. Thank you for creating a space for us to be people living life. For us to ponder questions...

    Why does love mean letting go? How has love come to mean loss/pain? Why do we hurt each other? Was it like this in other cultures in other times?

    May peace, and peace, and peace be everywhere.

  6. Jean from SomersetApril 21, 2010 at 5:27 AM

    Once again my heart goes out to you in your deep place of longing.May you find a place of peace in your emptiness and feel a warm arm round your shoulders whenever you need it.

  7. With prayers that, as Nietzsche said, the chaos within gives birth to dancing stars.



  8. Oriah,

    You have been in my thoughts each day since I read your blog last week. I trust that a clearing will be made before you now, a path towards a deep experience of healing on a soul level. White Eagle states that we must never forget there is always compensation as a result of suffering. And so, on a soul level, you do already know this. But in a worldly sense, I see you in the wilderness letting your pain be released into mother earth and I see you replenishing your Self from her beauty.

    Put a circle of protetive light around your self each morning on waking for you are experiencing deep shock. Don't talk to too many people. Be with the earth, bathe a lot and eat grounding foods. Know that you are a very advanced soul who has brought through an incredible body of work which has touched millions of people. Love and hold yourself deeply with great self-respect. Your writing has been of such importance to me that, even though I am miles away in England, when I see, for instance, the soft, innocent glory of the April blossom here in Wiltshire, I think of you.
    And I don't even know you!!!!
    You are in my prayers.
    With much love from a painter who's 'been there' and is holding you in her heart. xxx

  9. I find it ironic that I just sent an email to mail@oriah.org entitled "a call for help" and then came to this blog for the very first time only to find that you are also in a time of pain. As the wind kisses your face, I am with you. Although I am very young, I have found one of the most truly effective ways of healing the self is to help others heal themselves, to step out beyond our own pain into the universal pain. To quote the prophet, "Our pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses our understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain. And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy. And you would accept the seasons of your heart even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields, and you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.
    Much of you pain is self chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within heals your sick self. Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility. For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the unseen, and the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay that the Potter has moistened with his own sacred tears."
    I found it rather sad that you asked not receive advice, although I understand that 1000 people offering their own version of where your heart should travel would be more destructive than constructive. And so I offer you your own advice, the advice that has spoken to me and has rescued my soul from more lonely nights than I care to remember: It doesn't interest me to know what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it, or fade it, or fix it.
    You have meant more than you realize to more people than you know. You have a power to give that I have never quite known before. And although this may be a time of pain for us both and many others, may we remember that pain and joy are the same thing, and that "while one is awake with you at your board, the other is asleep in your bed." With an open heart, I send you my love


  10. It may not appear that way now but there is reason for what events transpire in the days ahead..

    I truly empathise with you Oriah, feel for you as I am also going through a similar experience of separation from my partner of 18 yrs, loss of home, assets and our family torn apart, but inside me I feel there's a purpose. I feel we need to be free and prepared for what is to come.

    I share your hurt and anguish, but deep down I know we all will get through this and discover the meaning of it in the not so distant future.

    Be brave and love thyself. Love and Light.

  11. Peace be with you Oriah, you mean so much to so many of us, know that we hold you in our hearts and keep you in our prayers, always. Salome Cape Town

  12. Dearest Oriah,

    My heart goes out to you. I know that sounds like someone has died. But in a way it must feel like that for you. In this case your marriage died. Your safe haven in his arms, your beautiful home, the security - gone. It so sucks, it really does! But even though despite it all, you are a strong woman, you have been dealt worse and you handled it. You came out alive, you were a Phoenix rising from the ashes and you will do so again. Even though one wonders how much a loving heart can endure and just how many times it can be split open, you will heal. The re-birth is just around the corner. Jesus once said: "I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it." It is worth it, life and love always is. Yeah, it sucks and big time. I sign that in a heartbeat.
    But you are not alone, there are a hundred thousand angels around you, cheering you on, showering you with their Love, with God's Love. They are so proud of you, for not giving up on life, for not giving up on hope, for not giving up on love. I'm sending you Archangel Michael to wrap his wings of love and courage around you and hold you 24/7 in his arms. You are loved. By the angels, by God, by your beloved sons, by your friends, by me, by all those who read your magnificent books, your awesome posts and blogs. You are a survivor, Oriah. I know you can do it. Sending angels and loving people your way who help with logistics and hugs and loving encouraging words and sometimes to just hold your hand and share the silence with you, with a loving heart in those crazy ever-changing times. Keeping you in my prayers, sending you kazillion amounts of LOVE & Hugs.

    FairyBlessings, Sabine xox

  13. Oriah, Oriah,
    you have given so much love and all of it and even more returns to you - one way or the other. Through your blog, there are people all over the world sending loving thoughts to you. You know that most of the readers prefer to stay readers and don't write. Many of us know what you are going through. Thank you again for sharing. This is important, and sure we will be patient until it is time for you to return.

  14. Beautiful Oriah

    You are in my heart and prayers,

  15. Patience......mind the hearts....
    the path of challenge becomes soft with moss
    I first met you today.

  16. You have helped me so much with your wise words. It's very sad that this is happening to you. Please take good care of yourself.

  17. Thinking of you with prayers in my heart

  18. trust your heart

  19. Oriah
    I just saw your posting. My heart goes out to you! You are a truly inspirational and very strong woman. Your energy and spirit shines through ... even through heartache. I feel odd offering advice to you, but take this time and be the best to yourself that you can be. Know that you deserve the best of everything including love. Let your love and energy shine back upon your own Self.
    Best wishes, Roseanne Armstrong

  20. Oriah - I read "The Invitation" during my darkest times and found solace and life-changing wisdom. Thank you so much for that. I have just found your blog and am sorry to hear about your trouble. Wishing you much peace and love through this.

  21. Sometimes when you try too hard to guide others you are hit with a very hard realization that you need much more guidance yourself. Look inside yourself and know that you are not really giving up so much. You probably didn't really want it all in the first place, or were only in a fantasy of what you really wanted. Try not to blame others, but see the responsibility that you have for your own actions and choices.

  22. I just read your poem the invitation and I was incredibly moved. As a write and a fellow dreamer, it really spoke to me. I tried to join your blog as a follower, but I am a blogger person not facebook so I couldn't but I really enjoyed reading your work. Thanks for writing it.

  23. Oriah,
    It is sometimes hard to realize how human our poets and artists and kindred souls are, when difficulties are made aware. You are well respected and admired for your kindred spirit, so feel the love within your circle of life. We do have a purpose, and we are significant to ourselves, and many, many others. I look forward to your return to wellness, to peace and love. L

  24. Hello Oriah..feel a bit of a twit as I've come across your poem 'The invitation' for the first time tonight...blown away,researched further, and came across your blog.I can't write like you but just wanted to thank you for the introduction and wish you good luck for your future.Will be after a book now,think I'll be reading your stuff for the rest of my life.Jean (UK)x