Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What Ripples Out

What ripples out from us
Is what lives within us.
I stop trying to manipulate my breath
Stop hoping to get it “right”
Letting the breath be natural, gentle
Feeling how it calms the nervous system
Quiets the mind, nourishes the body
Unhooks me from overstimulation
Immobility is not what it’s about
Moving from this centre I am guided to act
Out of love for my small life
And all that is alive
Let’s try it together now:
For just one inhale, one exhale
Let the breath be gentle
Let the nervous system quiet
Allow action to arise from this center of being.
What ripples out from here
Is what feeds the soul of the world
~Oriah Mountain Dreamer
(Inspired in part by this beautiful photo- another one from Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming)


  1. Oriah, your writings are as wonderful as this glass of the "fruit of the vine" makes me feel. The pictures your exhibit are beautiful. Takes me back. The beauty of your thoughts reflect the
    "Eternal Beauty"... The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Truly.

  2. Please approve because what you say is a reflection of "Beauty"

  3. I wanted to be sure I told you how much I am enjoying your poems lately. They are such a luxury in my day!