Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Chance To Begin Again

This morning I sat on my small balcony, in the light of the rising sun to do my practices of meditation,contemplation and prayer. The freshness of the morning reminds me of how I am given the opportunity to begin again and again with my intention to be here fully, to get out of my own way (a real challenge that one, particularly when anxiety arises, and sometimes it does) and experience directly that which fills and holds us with a tenderness beyond comprehension.

The phrase, "self-emptying" arises and I feel how letting go of the need to preserve me, my, mine in every moment (it's really the tightening around this that causes difficulties- emptying is not about neglecting care for this life) can crowd out this awareness. I feel so clear. . .. so spacious and calm. . .

And then a neighbour powers up the electric saw and begins cutting tiles. and I feel my whole being recoil.

I laugh out loud at how easy it is to lose momentary equanimity and get snarly about the other who is, without even knowing it, effecting Me, My quiet, and the awareness I want to be Mine. Ah, a good dose of humility in the morning mix. The laughter dissolves reactivity, and I practice sitting in stillness accompanied by the music of the power saw another is using to create home for himself and his family.

I begin again. ~Oriah

(Another spectacular morning photo from Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming​.)


  1. Sabine, if you should see this- loved your comment on the ducks- hit delete instead of publish and luddite that I am I can't figure out how to get your comment back. So sorry, Oriah

  2. No worries Oriah *big hugs* Mercury is retrograde and sh*t simply happens, not your fault ;-) xox Sabine