Thursday, June 11, 2015


She stopped offering excuses, justifications, explanations.
She said yes or no with her whole being,
Letting her heart and gut guide her
Knowing neither were infallible
Claiming her right to change her choice 
When new information- inner or outer- arose.
There were consequences.
There always are.
She let herself learn, flourish,
Blaze like the sun,
And rest in the sweet, cool darkness.
She offered what she could to her people,
She followed the blood red thread of her own life.
(Deep thanks for this photo of the blazing morning sun to Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming)


  1. This is amazing. I feel your words as though in a way they were my own - if I knew how to bring them forth in the way that you do... you really help me re-center! "The invitation" is often at the back of my mind.
    I found you seemingly at random on the internet and it turns out we're both from Northern Ontario (which I think is in the general vicinity of a great poet!).
    Thank you for doing this.

    1. Lindsay, well I live in Toronto now (have since I was 18 except for a decade in the country- been back for 5 years) but I grew up in New Liskeard and so some part of me will always be a northerner :-)