Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How To Live The New Year

How do we want to live this year? The thought that keeps popping up when I ask this question is: I want to live as if each action and activity is an end in itself and never a mere means to another goal. For instance, today I drive to a class I am taking. Driving is the means to the end of arriving at the class- which I could easily do on auto-pilot. But what if I treat the drive as more than a mere means- as an end in itself, bringing my full attention to how my body moves and how my breath flows as I drive, noticing how my perception is filtered by the task (hopefully seeing bicyclists sharing the road and not being distracted by the mother arguing with her child on the front porch of a house I pass.) A great deal of our day is consumed by maintenance. We work, shop, cook, clean, run errands etc. What if we did these tasks, (some of them anyway) as a way to be fully present with ourselves. others and the world? Because a great deal of life goes by when we are on auto-pilot or preoccupied by what happened yesterday or what comes next. I don't want to "miss" so much of my life in this way. I want to let peeling potatoes, vacuuming under the bed, and brushing my teeth teach me how to be here fully. Of course it means taking time to smell the roses, but it also means bringing awareness to everyday activities, letting them bring us into this moment. ~Oriah Thanks to Karen Davis at Open Door's Dreaming for this photo.


  1. A great reminder to bask in the presence of each moment... I just finished reading your book "The Invitation" which prompted me to search your name and find you here... I purchased the book at a crystal shop and read it at home in Brisbane, Australia. And then I discovered you live north of where I grew up and spent most of my life thus far, in Toronto, and I could see the wilderness of Ontario you so eloquently describe in your stories. What a small world! Just reminds me of how interconnected we all are.

    Anyway just wanted to say thank you for your writing!

    1. Hannah, good to connect- glad you enjoyed the book. I spend as much time as I am able up north- but live now in Toronto. Love both the city and wilderness. It is indeed a small and very interconnected world. :-) Oriah