Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It happens most frequently on ordinary days
Days when I leave dirty dishes in the sink
Ignore the unmade bed
Step over yesterday’s clothes on the floor
Because I cannot stop moving my pen on the page
Can barely keep up
Words spilling out from some secret source

And when I notice the sun headed for the western horizon
I pause and gasp a little, my breath catching in surprise
Sometimes I go down on my knees
Right there on the crumb-covered carpet
Offering my gritty gratitude
Bewildered by the magic
Flooded with awe

I never take it for granted-
Those moments when what I love carries me
I know it for the grace it is
I cannot make it happen
But I can let it take me when it comes
Give myself over without reservation
Let the unbridled heat ignite something raw and real  

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer (c) 2015

 (Another spectacular photo from Karen Davis at


  1. Oh I love it when this happens too! As you say - it's like magical grace - and oh so lovely when it comes... goosebumps! :) Christine

  2. I love this expression of automatic writing, Oriah, and your willing openness in allowing it to flow. I've never experienced it but have been close in that still, sweet place in which you describe. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you Pat. Not sure I would call it automatic writing (which I think of as being more unconscious) since I am working on a book and all the work was about the chapter where I was focused- although there is a similar flow. May it continue! :-)

    2. I can see that, Oriah, where the words flow when you're focused and tapped into the unconscious. It's interesting to me and I love that this is how you write. It comes through in the inspiration of your work.

    3. Kind of like sailing- times when you can let the wind carry you and times when you have to get up and work hard to adjust the sail.