Friday, October 9, 2015


Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I am so grateful for your messages of support- am still largely offline, finding strengthening health each day & appreciating the unfolding of autumn. Mulling this morning if I can allow my gratitude to be big enough to hold it all: the pain & the relief when pain eases; the depletion that flattens & the moments of energy & strength; the fulfillment & the letting go of plans. After all, the harvest (the gift of this life I have) is a result of all that comes, all that is wrestled with & accepted, held tenderly &. . . sometimes, not-so-tenderly. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. ~


  1. You are in my thoughts & prayers, dear Oriah, and I often pick up one of your books for comfort and inspiration. xoox

    1. Thank you Carol. Miss seeing your FB posts with being off line but I will return! xo