Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Birthday Poem

I’ve been here awhile.

But the sounds of sunrise still lighten my heart
And the summer scent of dusk
The mingling of sun-warmed earth 
                                   and cool starlight
Softens the sharp edges of the inevitable losses
That always seem to surprise us

Disappointment can taste like burnt toast
But regret is a waste of the heat 
                              we need to continue

After all this time
All I can say with absolute certainty
About this world, this work, this life
This trying and giving up
This resisting and giving in
This holding on and letting go

All I can say for sure about this being Here

Is. . . . . .

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer (c) 2015

Deep gratitude to Karen Davis for this photo from )