Thursday, April 30, 2015

All Is Well

Attended my father's funeral on Tuesday the 28th, and I am saturated with gratitude. My heart is full. There is such truth in the beauty that unfolds daily amidst the unpredictable challenges of life and chaos of the world. May we be present with what is within and around us. May how we are with ourselves and each other be a love letter that whispers encouragingly, "Live!" ~Oriah (Photo by Kristy Thompson)


  1. Beautifully said with your beautiful heart of gold. Your Dad is so proud of you. Yes, let's live Oriah, let's live life to the fullest, no more regrets. Love the gorgeous rose :-)
    Huge Hugs & so much Love
    Sabine xox

  2. Amen, and be blessed. Your path is open. Thank you for the rose.

  3. I'm glad you're okay and grounded in that peaceful, loving place, Oriah. May you always be blessed and feel the closeness of your Dad's love.