Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Flying Lessons

My father is dying,
his grip still strong on my arm
begging me to help him leave.

Each day after work his coming home was
exuberance entering by the back screen door,
a loud metal lunch pail sliding across the kitchen floor.
me: running on short dimpled leghs, shouting,
“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy!”
launching myself into the air from the top step
small arms wide, fearless,
knowing he’d catch me.
He was the scent of warm sun, clean sweat,
and creosote from the hydro poles he climbed.
He was strength and
green eyes that lit up when he saw me.
I was a small bird in his arms.

My father is dying,
his grip still strong on my heart
as I look for a way to help him fly.

- Oriah House (c) 2015 (Photo by Karen Dais from https://www.facebook.com/OpenDoorDreaming?fref=ts )


  1. Dear Oriah, thank you for sharing those beautiful feelings and words. You know… you are still this bird and now, you know how to fly on your own and you even help others to fly. This is what your father gave you and this gift will stay with you. You will always be your father‘s little girl bird, and you will never forget the time with him. The memory of him will help you fly a lot of times, until you fly where the both of you will meet again (if that is a notion for you). A big hug for you and my prayers.

  2. A huge big loving Hug to you Oriah. It is so hard to let them go. No matter how much we know that it's better this way and that they will be pain free without their "old" body, it still sucks. Your Daddy will never leave you. His love and his energy form will always surround you. He will come visit you when you sleep. He will sit next to you and hug you tight. You have such a big heart, I'm sure you will feel him being close. Keep those memories dear to your heart. Really dead is only the one who is forgotten. And your Daddy will never ever be forgotten by you. Tell him how much you love him, when you hold his hand, even though he might not grasp all of your words, he willl grasp the love with which they are spoken. Tell him how grateful you are that he is your Daddy. Tell him all and everything that you never said but wish you did. Tell him all your memories, the good and the bad ones. Tell him that you will always love him, always. Tell him everything so that you will not regret holding back. I am sure his is so very proud of you, for the amazing daughter you always were, his miracle and the awesome woman you have become. This love you have for each other can not be taken away from you. Ever. This love shared will always remain.
    Consider yourself hugged super-muchly! Lots and lots of Love, Sabine xox