Monday, May 4, 2015

What Is Given

There is nothing you or I could do to earn or become unworthy of the Infinite Love that gives itself away in creating all that is in every moment. Oh, there are more than a few things we can do (self-criticism, self-loathing, resentment, etc.) that can make it difficult for us to receive the direct experience of the Beloved's constant presence within and around us, but that Love remains- forever patient as we do our best to be here. Because here is where that Love finds us. ~Oriah (Another spectacular good morning photo from Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming.)


  1. I have just discovered you and your beautiful works about a week or so ago. I so connect to your deep, soul-filled words that it seems as though you know me. Thank you for sharing your heart. This blog post is absolutely the truth too. Thank you for the reminder!