Thursday, August 16, 2018

Talking To Trees

Lately I've been talking to trees. I live in a small apartment in downtown Toronto. For the first time in a year, I was allowed to open my balcony door. (It had been locked because of construction.) A few health snaffoos had made it difficult to get out for awhile so I was thrilled to be able to step out into the cool morning air. I just sat there and looked up into the trees -maple, oak, hemlock- in the small park right next to my building. I lost myself in the constantly moving light and shadow- a thousand shades of green. I felt each tree as a being, a presence reminding me of how I, like them, am a manifestation of the Mystery belonging to the Earth. I felt something I didn't even know was hanging on, let go in the centre of my body. I sat with the trees for a long time. And when I spoke the words arose of their own accord. softly spoken and salted with tears. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~Oriah (photo by Ian Patterson)


  1. HI Oriah
    I too of late have been going gaga over trees I recently moved to Western Australia and no one prepared me for the beauty and majesty and magnificence of the trees over here I have been walking around nearly in tears with the frustration of trying to capture the ephemeral and magnificent beauty of what I see with my camera These gorgeous patient resilient timeless beings stand there as silent ambassadors of some greater benign and loving force blooming with great beauty wherever they are planted our best allies sustaining life here on earth for without the oxygen they provide none of would even be here ......thankyou indeed !!!!

  2. Good morning Oriah
    Here I sit in my bed in coastal southern Australia, coffee in hand, dog at my side, catching up on your posts and imagining you getting lost in the nature from your balcony and letting go. I'm looking at an orange sunrise creeping from the ocean's horizon as we are but days away from the start of Spring. I'm finding my way back to a positive life again and always think of you when I do and the beautiful inspiration I draw from whatever you are writing thinking and feeling. So thank you for always being around, always sharing yourself and how fantastic you can finally open your balcony door. 🙄
    With love and thoughts from the other side of our sharing globe.

  3. I do that too. And I feel that connection and I also become moved by how this great planet produces all things that live on her.