Thursday, April 5, 2018

Waking Up with Joy

Some days, grace saturates my dreams and follows me into wakefulness. And I am quietly alert, smiling even as I open my eyes filled with a joy that does not deny the pain of the world or the trials and tribulations of one small human being. And I am filled with awe at having a life to live, of being an ensouled body/embodied soul.

I cannot make this happen- it is a gift that cannot be earned. And, of course, there are other mornings, mornings when I wake up worrying for the world and those I love, trying to pull away from small aches or searing pain, wanting to lodge a complaint with Anyone-In-Charge.

Remembering this makes me smile this morning as I whisper into the half-light, "Thank you."  ~Oriah

Another spectacular photo from Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming


  1. Thank you Oriah -- I love your post! -- ron bell

    by Linda Millemann

    Intent upon my scribblings
    I rise to stretch
    and peer out over the crowd of cattails around me,
    brown tipped and golding,
    harlequined with the last stripes of green,
    and see that the moon,
    full lipped and luminous, round
    in her longings, has risen
    and begun her climb
    across a sky still blue
    though dotted black with crows.

    It was the sun's grand departure
    that kept me turned from her quiet arrival,
    but now I feel allegiance to her,
    grateful for remembering that we are not alone.
    Not left in the sun's wide wake
    and lost in the cold dark wash of night.

    Sister moon has come,
    as we tip together
    into unimaginable night.

    1. Thank you Ron- and thanks for the spectacular poem!

  2. Profound healing energy from this brief bounty -- just 129 words so powerfully threaded, Oriah. Thanks so very very much.