Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Notes For the World Weary

Lately, more frequently than I'd like, I find myself feeling what I have decided to call, "world weary.” It's a kind of tiredness that washes over me like a slow, cold wave. It makes my thinking fuzzy, breeds a restlessness in my limbs, and makes me susceptible to distractions that do not nourish.

I find myself impatient and overwhelmed by the endless analysis of current political, social and environmental realities (even those I think are well done and important) and distrustful of (no doubt mostly sincere and well-meaning) books, workshops and courses promising a Bigger, Better, Thinner, Richer or even Deeper life.

It is possible that I am just becoming a grumpy old woman.

Most of the time, I don’t need more information. I don’t have room for more information. I come away from social media and news sites feeling as if I simultaneously know too much and too little. Half-buried in the dust of disillusionment, I occasionally pick up the faint scent of cynicism- the clever mind’s disguise for hopelessness- and am shocked to find it is coming from me!

I do find glimmerings of what slows the spiral into world weariness: walking outside regardless of the weather; sitting by the lake and staring into the ceaseless blue-green rise and fall of the waves; making food that nourishes body and soul- soup made with root vegetables flavoured with fresh tarragon and rosemary; turning off the computer, putting on my headphones and sinking into the sound of a cello’s long, low lament.

I read this list and realize that any of the things that renew me could be called prayer.There are a thousand ways to pray, to open to that which is larger and revitalize our willingness to meet the world. However we do it, we must each find our own sustainable way of being present with what is within and around us.

Because the world needs us present. Because what we are and what we can offer flowers when we are able to be here fully,

For me that means more walks and less social media, more music and movement, less worry and work.Whatever feeds our soul enables us to be with the world with fresh hearts and minds.

And whatever we are facing, individually or collectively, needs to be soulfully met and tenderly held.

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer © 2016

Deep thanks to Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming for her spectacular photo.


  1. I so appreciate your posts, they help me know that I am not the only one thinking and feeling the ways you do. Thank you for sharing your heart and mind. It helps immensely. As if I have a soul sister who feels and thinks the way I do, but more easily and eloquently communicates it.

    Thank you.


    1. Erika, the response to this post on Facebook shows just how "not alone" we are in this. :-)

  2. word for word i feel the same. as erika says above, i too am deeply grateful for your ability to express what many of us feel and that you are willing to share it. thank you so very much ...

  3. Thank you, Oriah. I do get weary, like you said, with all the information pouring in from all over the world. It's inspirational and refreshing to me with how you're working with it and processing it. Ahhh . . . like a breath of fresh air. Thank you again. I shared on my Facebook and hope it does the same for others feeling the same way.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Pat- and for sharing it on FB.

    2. You're welcome, Oriah, and thank you for the glimmerings. :-)