Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Magic Is Afoot

An unexpected bit of fun yesterday: I was walking home around dusk. Having emerged from the steamy subway the cool breeze felt great. As I turned the corner onto my street, walking past the old stone church on the corner, the wind picked up and sparked dust devils- small whirlwinds- along the sidewalk. I could see them clearly because they twirled the fallen yellow and red leaves into rising circles. As I stepping into the whirlwinds, they seemed to move with me, the wind tossing my long, unbound, grey hair in all directions around my head.

As the circling leaves continued to move around me, I walked past the parking lot adjacent to the church, where three young men- late teens early twenties- were watching. One of them spoke."Whoa, what are you, some kind of witch?"

I looked at him and smiled "Something like that," I replied without stopping.

They laughed nervously as I kept walking, surrounded by flying leaves. I could hear snippets of their conversation. "That is weird, man. . ." "yeah, she looks like a real witch. . . . " "Ya gotta watch out for those old ladies- ya never know. . . ."

It probably helped that I was dressed in black- more fashion laziness than statement.

And yes, better watch out for the old ladies- you never know what magic we might be up to :-) ~Oriah

Thanks to Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming for this magnificent photo


  1. thanks for inspiring a smile.
    what a fun experience.
    beautiful owl photo too.

  2. What a cool story! I delight in imagining their faces! Now all we need is an artist to take on an oil painting of you and your "leaf vortex" strolling along the street, those unwitting young men gawking in the background! Interestingly, today's New York Times did a piece called The Witching Season, touching on the fact that there are actually people out there who believe Hillary is a witch....and other goodies.

    1. Thanks Jessica. It was fun. Fear of the strong Feminine is certainly still very much alive, promoted by those who love to divide and conquer :-)