Friday, July 17, 2015

The Burning

I am thinking about burning
About letting a passion for life-
Not my life or your life- but Life itself
Burn away my hesitation to taste this breath
Filled with the sweet greening of summer
This breath, laden with longing and confusion.

I am thinking about burning
About the flame of desire
That insists that how I move through this day
Be more about love-making
Than about the achievement of things
Too thin to nourish my soul.

I am thinking about burning.
I am lighting a match.
I am making of myself
Kindling for the fires
Of living awake to this moment
Of letting Love have its way with me.

~Oriah House (c) 2015

(Photo from Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming)


  1. This is beautiful and speaks to my soul.

    Oriah, May I have your permission to share this poem on Instagram and FB with one of my photos? (I practice yoga and the photo that I would post with this poem is a photo of me in ustrasana pose (camel pose).)

    Love and gratitude,

    1. Certainly Linea- please just make sure to credit it to myself and link to this page. Blessings, Oriah

    2. Thank you and will do! :-)