Thursday, July 23, 2015

Asking Permission

We do not need permission
To live our life guided by that which lives within us.
And yet, too often, some part of our heart
Waits for someone else to give the go-ahead
Before we fully embody our wisdom and our silliness,
Our joy and our sorrow.

This is what it means to give our power away:
To court the approval of others
To silently ask for permission that is not another's to give
To spend our lives waiting
For that which was within us all along.

~Oriah House "Permission" (c) 2015 (Gratitude for the photo from Karen Davis Open Door Dreaming​)


  1. Thank you Oria for reminding me. Helped me see that it is not the other persons permission to give.

    1. It's a slippery one to hang on to Lizzie- I think we come back to it over and over. :-)

  2. This really struck me at my core. Never realized caring too much what others think and wanting their approval is a way I give my power away. No wonder I often feel so disempowered. I also loved the line, "Before we fully embody our wisdom and our silliness." I love the idea that we need to fully embody both - our wisdom AND our silliness... our unique character. I often "hide" my quirkiness from people, not wanting to show too much of my real self (of course for fear of judgment), but now that I read that, it seems silly (pun intended :). I need to embody even the silly parts of me. Love that Oriah, thank you...