Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Waking Up With The Beloved

As I pulled up out of sleep in the morning light,
I felt the Beloved sitting at the foot of my bed
beaming such love,
I felt every molecule of my being singing.
I struggled not to wake up,
afraid I would lose awareness of this Presence,
frightened that the way it filled my heart
with all I had ever ached for
would fade if I opened my eyes.
But a voice said: “It’s okay.
Open your eyes.
I am everywhere.
Your awareness flickers on and off,
like sunlight moving through clouds,
but I am here, always with you.”
~Oriah (c) 2015
May those who are suffering today- those who have lost loved ones (thinking in particular of the many killed in Nigeria) feel held in love, by Love even in the midst of deep grief.
Another wonderful photo from Karen Davis at https://www.facebook.com/OpenDoorDreaming


  1. Thank you for such a beautiful poem, Oriah. I could especially picture what you wrote: "Your awareness flickers on and off,
    like sunlight moving through clouds, . . ."

    1. Oriah -- your welcome. Your poem inspired me to write something on my site about awareness flickers. May I use your poem in a post (not written yet -- still thinking about it)?

    2. Certainly Pat - please just put a link to this page or my website www.oriah.org Oriah

    3. Thank you, Oriah, I will and I'll link back. I'll be honored to share.

    4. Thank you, Oriah. It's published called "Flickering Awareness" at http://wp.me/p2vGs1-1u2. I also linked back to your site.