Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Contemplating The Crumbling

I am contemplating the crumbling that comes into every life, the kind of falling apart that softens all our edges, even the sharp forbidding angles we think will keep us safe. The kind of disintegration that has to happen if something new is to take root.

Sometimes it happens quickly- a blow to the solar plexus that leaves us breathless and on our knees.

Sometimes it happens slowly, like erosion.We don't notice until one day we find our house sliding down the muddy cliff and into the sea.

We name our contribution to the process, self-sabotage. But what if it's the way the Sacred Wholeness within and around us softens our weathered crust to give us a glimpse of our tender and unadorned centre.

So we might remember why we are here.

Maybe we could be a little less adamant about holding it together, about deadlines and to-do lists, about doing our mantras and mudras and meditations. Maybe we could learn to trust the crumbling when it comes, allow ourselves to fall apart so we do not have to induce disintegration with self-neglect and ambivalent lovers.

I am contemplating the crumbling that comes into every life, the kind of falling apart that happens when the ice thaws and the rivers flow and new life emerges.

Oriah House (c) 2014


  1. Beautiful post.....and this is so hard to do (embrace our vulnerable center). As a survivor of traumatic injuries in the process of rebuilding, I find that it is important to get in touch this center frequently....and in doing so, it helps me connect with other folks on their healing journeys.

    Thank you for this reflection.

    1. Chris, yes- when we do this work we can be available to others going through this process as a grounded witness and support. Many blessings on your healing process, Oriah

  2. Dear Oriah,
    It felt like you wrote that directly to me! It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Surrendering is such a hard thing to do. There's so much that holds me back and tries to maintain the illusion of control.
    Thank you for your words of comfort and wisdom!

    1. Solveig, so glad you found it helpful. Thanks for letting me know, Oriah

  3. how absolutely beautiful. thank you so much for this. i intend to post this to my site on monday:

    so much of my life's work with others and, more importantly, on myself, has been the practice of detachment—letting things go of people and things before they are wrestled away from me. you encourage me along my way, Oriah. i sense that we are kindred spirits. thank you.