Thursday, October 4, 2018

What Moves Through Us

Some days we find ourselves agitated no matter what is happening (and let's face it, if we are agitated we can always find something to pin it on.) Other days- like today for me- we find ourselves sitting with equanimity and calm for no apparent reason. Which is to say that although we can cultivate agitation or equanimity, these feeling states also seem to arise at least in part independent of our efforts and conditions. It's tricky, but probably best not to identify too strongly with what arises either way. Still, we can enjoy a little (mysterious) equanimity as I am today, when it arises, while it lasts. :-) ~Oriah

I am reminded by the photos of Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming to see what arises within or around me as weather. That's not to say I am passive in response- if it rains I open my umbrella; if I am agitated I do not listen to the news but put some music on instead- but the idea of weather helps me not take what is arising within or around me, quite so personally.

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