Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Gift for You

This link to a TED talk by Valerie Kaur is my Valentine's Day gift to you. In it Valerie reminds us-"Love is more than a rush of feeling that happens to us if we are lucky. Love is sweet labour- fierce, bloody, imperfect and life-giving; a choice we make over and over again." Her stories of being a mother, a person of colour, and a civil rights lawyer help us see that the love that refuses to exclude ourselves, others and yes, even those who oppose and hurt us, is revolutionary. That love can transform our shared world. 
May it be so. ~Oriah


  1. Thank you for this Oriah. What an awesome powerful beautiful courageous woman. I cried and laughed and cried again through the video. Lotsa Love and Hugs to you, Sabine xx

  2. Sabine, it does lift and open the heart, doesn't it? So glad you enjoyed it.