Friday, December 1, 2017

Dreaming the Dark

Here in the northern hemisphere the days are growing shorter, the nights are longer. For me, darkness is an invitation to rest, to dream, to put down unnecessary struggles I have unconsciously picked up and be with what is within and around me.
I've always loved the darkness. The way it holds me, invites me to surrender, offers me the solitude I ache for. As a child, at night when temperatures fell to thirty below, I'd listen to the house shift and moan on its foundation, hear the power lines hum, savor the quiet of a town blanketed in snow.
I know December is a busy time for many. But let's not miss the gifts of the lengthening darkness. Let's not race too quickly toward the promise of the returning light. Let's explore the darkness and dream for ourselves and our people. ~Oriah
Photo by Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming.