Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Waking Up Again and Again

Love it when my own words come back to haunt and help me. So hard to know when we have gone unconscious, fallen asleep to what and who we are because. . . we're unconscious! and asleep! And THAT would be the life of a human being- going to sleep, waking up, being aware, sinking into unawareness, and becoming aware again.
      The tricky thing is that walking asleep can sometimes feel desirable when things within or around us are hard. But, as this little piece from "The Call"reminds me- there's no safety in walking asleep. We might just walk right into a wall.
      The good news is that when we have woken up to something, we never go back to sleep quite as completely. Even in our unconsciousness we often have a niggling feeling that we are a little "off," and that can be enough to make us sit down and breathe, and use whatever way we know to wake up.
      For me writing often takes me home to remembering what I am. If I just keep letting my fingers move on the keyboard, sooner or later the words I need to hear to go home to the truth of what we are will appear. ~Oriah
And another fantastic pic by Karen Davis at Open Door Dreaming. Thank you Karen!

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