Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Learning from What We Love

There is so much more I could say about this- but I am going to keep this short because the writing for the new book is really taking off (Yay! I am so grateful I feel like my heart is overflowing) This is a truth I have learned from being a companion to friends and clients and students as they have gone through challenging times.

The things I love that teach me how to live are multiple: being with my sons; being in the wilderness; running full out on something I enjoy; being very still; solitude; being with friends who love ideas and make me laugh; and always for me, writing, writing, writing.

Sometimes we have to sit still and let what will teach us come to us, the way we would an animal in the wild- patiently, showing we are trustworthy, allowing the time it takes for what we love to show itself to us.  ~Oriah

(And I am so grateful that Karen Davis shares with us one of her loves in photos like this one from Open Door Dreaming​)


  1. Thank you, the example you used on how to sit still really gives me what I needed to hear and today I will be walking in the forest, and I will carry this message with me. I know I will be observed by all living things that is in the trees, in the wood. I will let them do and I will thanked each of them, birds, rabbits or moose, to let me walk in their surroundings. Most importantly, I will listen trying to walk as silently as I can. Thank you!

  2. What an interesting reflection: I'll be compiling my list this afternoon and considering what I learn from the things I love. Thankyou.

    1. Anne, would love to hear what you discover :-)

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