Wednesday, June 4, 2014

She Grew Down

I am writing this week- and doing a bit of a dietary detox (time will tell if that was a good idea or not, to be doing the two at the same time.) So, instead of a regular blog, here's a little snippet, an epigraph that introduces one of the sections of the new book I am working on. Just where all the pieces fit never becomes clear to me until near the end, when chaos reigns and I wonder if I have a book at all. All just part of the messy creative process. But in the meantime- here's a glimpse at the landscape of the story:

She'd grown up too fast.
Now, it was time to grow down  
into the earth. 

She wanted to be a woman 
who couldn't be seduced 
or intimidated 
into abandoning what she knew
in gut and heart, in blood and bone.

So she grew down
into the life she'd been given,
into this being human.

Oriah House (c) 2014


  1. You've captured the essence of maturing, ripening, annealing...

    Thank you for sharing your words; they resonate.

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  3. Touches deeply, resonates with me. As all of your writing does. I'm grateful, so grateful for you and all that you write. Your new book will be finished when the time is "right", when it simply "fits", when the struggles cease and everything is surrendered to the heart within. Breathe, don't push it. Write, when the yearning within comes. And rest, when your tired body yearns and craves nothing but sleep. xox Sabine

    1. Wise advice Sabine- shall try to remember it :-)

  4. I'm warmed and delighted by your poem Oriah, and looking forward to more poems to come. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Oh that's wonderful! And as always seems to happen with your blogs, I resonate completely with all of that - including writing and detoxing this week as well!

    Yes yes - those of us who seek/sought transcendence so need also to remember immanence - I speak for myself...

    Big thanks.

  6. Oriah, might I reblog your poem - obviously credited? x

    1. Roselle, yes- please credit it to me and this blog and add: Oriah House (c) 2014 All rights reserved. Presented with permission of the author.

      I think I am feeling a bit protective just because it is part of a work in progress. :-)

  7. I love it. Your words have touched me for years. Thank you for your work in our world! Warmly, Lindsey

  8. I love the poem snippet. I look forward to your book. Your words help guide me to myself... my deepest knowing. Thank you!