Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Retreat

I will be away from July 28 until mid-August on retreat in a cabin in the woods, writing and doing ceremony in a place with no internet or phone connection. I will post again on Wednesday, August 15.  May we each find the rest and rejuvenation of sacred self-care that we may offer sustainable service.


  1. I hope you're having a wonderful rest! <3 - Amanda

  2. I hope you are finding the rest and recovery you are searching for. I have been unable to work for 3 months, after serving a bit too hard, and not getting the rest I needed to be rejuvenated and refreshed. Now I am practising mindfulness, picking a quiet spot to work in and rediscovering me. Your writings have long given me courage and inspiration, thank you - I am finally now able to work it out for me, in my heart, not just my head.