Saturday, July 31, 2010

Month Long Retreat

Dear friends,

I am taking August off for personal retreat. It has been an unexpectedly chaotic spring with the ending of my marriage. Now, with the legal separation details worked out and signed, and having been bought out of our shared home by my former husband, I turn my attention to recuperation, rest and renewal.

So, I will not be posting blogs in August. I will spend time in Northern Ontario camping alone and drawing on dreams from the water and rocks and wilderness I love. I may do some writing. I may stay there continuously or go back and forth to the city depending upon what my body and heart need each day for their healing.

I will resume posting on September 8. I have enjoyed doing the blog weekly- the commitment has kept me connected to my writing in a small but disciplined way and I always enjoy the comments and conversation that results here and on my FB page. I have also deeply appreciated all the prayers and support you have sent my way during this difficult time. I have felt held in the hearts of so many - and am deeply blessed by this gift of caring.

So, (and here you have to imagine me singing :-) "See you in September. . . " May your summer (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere) unfold with joy, Oriah


  1. May the blessing of light be on you—
    light without and light within.
    May the blessed sunlight shine on you
    and warm your heart
    till it glows like a great peat fire.

    Old Celtic Blessing

  2. Take care and enjoy the space to breath deeply all my love Salome Cape Town

  3. You are in my thoughts and prayers Oriah. My best wishes to you on your journey. Love surrounds you:)


    Nattie from Ptown

  4. I know that the north brings you renewal. I pray for your healing!


  5. sending you a hug of love and beauty oriah, wraped up in blessings for you


  6. Hi Oriah,
    I just found your blog and I feel sad regarding your recent uncoupling. I am creeping up on three years since divorce ended my twenty year relationship. I found your recounting of unbridled tears very personal as I have experienced the same many times since. I think that most of what I've learned about life and myself has come from sitting with the pain, as you call it in the poem you wrote called 'The Invitation'. Letting the lessons wash over me without summoning excuses or pointing out anothers shortcomings, I think served me well. Not to say that I've come all the way through the valley as I have not, but the wisdom of your words have been very real to me nonetheless. I wish you well of course. It is obvious you have lots of support, although the journey as I'm sure you know, is mostly a solitary one. I'm sending along a poem I wrote last week that reflects where I find myself today as I took a moment to reflect. It is not meant as wisdom for you of any kind, but just as a touchstone between two fellow travelers sharing a similar experience. I'll be thinking of you.

    Brian from Maine

    Sunday Afternoon

    The loss of her, it haunts me still and many times I try,
    To reconcile the life we lost, with what I know inside.

    The pain I caused in choosing all the words she had to fend,
    Sits right beside my wish so strong, to make a different end.

    To see her now on separate roads, at times feels so unreal,
    I dream to find her sitting near, to learn just how she feels.

    Then just like all the other times, we’d talk and hold on tight
    Until we found a better way to make it turn out right.
    ~ ~ ~
    . . . . And if I ever had that chance, one starry starry night,
    I’d tell her that she’s all I need, this one that was my wife.